If you think you’re “ordinary”, he thinks you’re pretty damn clueless.  So clueless, in fact, that when you get home after a long day’s work and turn on the TV you tune in to live video coverage of social gatherings of film and television writers, producers, actors, technicians and support staff rather than watching the […]

I found this nifty interactive research tool at the World Health Organisation website: http://www.who.int/whosis/data/Search.jsp This gigantic statistical database allows you to assemble a table of health care standards and expenses by country, using the countries, indicators and years of your choosing. It’s pretty buggy but I’ve discovered it’s useful for winning arguments against those who […]

What happened to the free and open exchange of information when the president of a secretive conservative propaganda foundation won control of the Canadian federal government? The Toronto Star investigates with a pretty good series of articles. “This is the Prime Minister’s Office calling. I have the Prime Minister’s chief of staff on the line. […]

As much as I furrow my brow about the fact that a passionate admirer of Reagan and Thatcher – a man who has called the US neo-cons a “light and an inspiration” – is the Prime Minister of Canada, I can’t help but be impressed by Stephen Harper’s management of the media.  Apart from a […]