I’m too giddy with vindication of my doubts about Harper’s character, (not to mention wisdom, loyalty, ideology and integrity) to comment, so I will let him speak for himself.  (Well, sort of.) [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8YwJC_nBgw&eurl=http://www.liberal.ca/story_15075_e.aspx] Update:  I can’t help noticing that all the news regarding Lippert’s resignation retroactively demotes him to “aide“, “staffer“, “campaign worker“, “former speech […]

If you think you’re “ordinary”, he thinks you’re pretty damn clueless.  So clueless, in fact, that when you get home after a long day’s work and turn on the TV you tune in to live video coverage of social gatherings of film and television writers, producers, actors, technicians and support staff rather than watching the […]