Neo-Con Bootlicker Borg Mind Exposed

I’m too giddy with vindication of my doubts about Harper’s character, (not to mention wisdom, loyalty, ideology and integrity) to comment, so I will let him speak for himself.  (Well, sort of.)


Update:  I can’t help noticing that all the news regarding Lippert’s resignation retroactively demotes him to “aide“, “staffer“, “campaign worker“, “former speech writer” and such like.

In fact, Owen Lippert is (was?) a Senior Policy Advisor to Conservative MP Bev Oda, Harper’s hand-picked Cabinet Minister for International Co-operation (how ironic.)

As well as having a Senior Policy Advisor with a penchant for copyright violation, Bev also has an embarrassing habit of billing the taxpayer for limo rides to those hoity-toity arts galas that don’t resonate with ordinary folk like you and me.

While he appears to have resigned in disgrace from his post as “campaign worker” for the Conservatives, there is no word yet whether he has also resigned from his much more significant post as a top-rung, influential contributor to the Harper government’s policy development.