If you have existential late stage capitalism ennui you need help to work out, @ me at any of the social media links below and I’ll be more than happy to opine. ~ Kerri Coombs Brett Asks: “I’ve been really struggling to find someone to explain the evils of identity politics to me.” Kerri Answers: […]

I’ve always fantasized about having an advice column. Over many awkward conversations, I’ve learned it’s an irritating trait to inflict on my family and friends, but I just LOVE telling people what to do. A recent interaction I had on Reddit reawakened this dream and I thought, why shouldn’t I do this kind of thing […]

As I nurture a fragile recovery after a long dry spell, I am becoming mindful of patterns in my creative cycle. This week I had a pivotal insight: capitalist culture, with its emphasis on product over process, has been profoundly undermining my self-expression.​To give a little background, I’ve nailed down my creative cycle to six basic phases. The Spark Something […]

A few weeks ago, after months (if not years) of feeling a constant undercurrent of dread and anxiety, I paused to consider where these feelings came from and whether anything could be done about them. I’m happy to report that my contemplation delivered some really smokin’ insights. Facebook is making you depressed. I have meditated […]

Delve into the principles of permaculture, 60 seconds at a time. Climate change, mass extinction, populism and the breakdown of our democratic institutions – the issues we’re facing in the 21st century can often seem like overwhelming problems. One Green Minute will break the paradigm shift we need into bite sized pieces. Whether you learn […]

Is it reasonable to believe that human selfishness is and will always be the inescapable foundation of our social contract? As much as I love David McRaney for the challenge his blog poses to many of my misconceptions, one of his archived posts touches on a subject that winds me up. It seems to be a cherished […]

I’m in a bind. I joined a book club, mostly out of boredom – there’s nothing else to do here.  At first, I didn’t think I was going to enjoy talking about books, but I do!  The other book club members throw words like “deracinated” into casual conversation!  I felt like a swan indoctrinated in duckness discovering my lost […]

On a discussion forum I participate in, the question arose, “if the media blamed the bailout not being passed for the stock plummet that followed, why did it plummet again after the bill was passed?” The wealth the markets are losing never existed to begin with: All the wildly swinging ups and downs in the […]