I am glad the US Congress is finally tired of panic-driven policy making. I hate this neo-con style of cramming through terrible legislation with minimal debate.  It’s been disastrous.  First it was the Patriot Act, prepared well in advance by the PNAC but passed in a matter of days without even being read by most […]

Peter Schweizer, in a National Post editorial, argues that conservative idealogues are destined to win the culture war because they make babies faster than liberals. His argument is based on a tediously simplistic view of humanity where people can be neatly divided into two categories – “conservatives” and “liberals” – and an unspoken, obviously fallacious […]

Starting with these: Regnery Publishing’s Pig-Ignorant Guides to Perverting Reality. Regnery is simultaneously catering to the luctrative niche markets of “books for people who are obviously too stupid to read”, “books for the dissemination of which free market propagandists will shell out considerable financial support”, and “books written by people who are too stupid to read […]

What happened to the free and open exchange of information when the president of a secretive conservative propaganda foundation won control of the Canadian federal government? The Toronto Star investigates with a pretty good series of articles. “This is the Prime Minister’s Office calling. I have the Prime Minister’s chief of staff on the line. […]