Can’t afford your gas bill? This year, heat your home with a good, old-fashioned book burning!

Starting with these: Regnery Publishing’s Pig-Ignorant Guides to Perverting Reality.

Regnery is simultaneously catering to the luctrative niche markets of “books for people who are obviously too stupid to read”, “books for the dissemination of which free market propagandists will shell out considerable financial support”, and “books written by people who are too stupid to read their publishing contracts.”

The more I researched Regnery Publishing, the more it began to seem like the right-wing lunatic faction of US politics is actually a tiny group of people with a very well-oiled (and well-funded) propaganda machine.  What with the overlapping staff and complex movement of funds between right wing propaganda foundations, I’ve been struggling to make sense of whose message is being promoted by these books, but  Hart Williams has done a great job of putting the pieces together.

Regnery Publishing is a subsidary of Eagle Publishing, which seems to mainly publish (and sell) direct-marketing mailing lists of moneyed Republicans.

Anybody feel like chipping in for the list of “Eagle Publishing Special Product Buyers“?  We could send them all a book of matches and a note saying “Do yourself a favour.”